Have your party at Cofoco

If you are a larger group of people, we will be happy to accommodate you at our restaurants. Our unique venues are designed by the best designers, architects and craftsmen around to give you the best surroundings for your event or celebration.

Whether you prefer to sit among our other guests, in a private room or want to reserve a full restaurant for your event, we can offer you a great solution.

If you are interested in hearing more, you are more that welcome to contact os through [email protected] or give us a call on +45 70 70 15 88.

Our Restaurants


Vækst is a unique nordic restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen. Beautifully decorated with a plant filled green house through the center of the 2-story restaurant. The menu offers seasonal dishes that cater to both meat-eaters and vegetarians. See current menu and more from Vækst here.

Kitchen: Nordic
Private dining: 20-30 persons

Sankt Peders Stræde 34
+45 38 41 27 27
[email protected]

Les Trois Cochons

Our very own Parisian bistro, where you feel like you are in the center of the French capital. Les Trois Cochons offers breakfast, lunch and dinner on Værnedamsvej, one of Copenhagen's most charming and lively streets. On the ground floor, our restaurant is light and airy while our private room downstairs is more lush and intimate. See current menu and more from Les Trois Cochons here.

Kitchen: French
Private dining: 15-20 persons
Semi private dining: 9-10 persons

Værnedamsvej 10
+45 33 31 70 55
[email protected]

Scarpetta Islands Brygge

At Scarpetta Islands Brygge we cater to groups of all sizes and occations, offering modern yet classic Italian dishes. Our room is brightly decorated in modern Scandinavian style and is well suited to be rented both in its entirety and by smaller groups. See current menu and more from Scarpetta Islands Brygge here.

Kitchen: A mix between modern & traditional Italian cuisine
Semi-private dining: by availability
Total capacity: 105 persons

Islands Brygge 81F
+45 70 20 71 72
[email protected]


A charming osteria with a good local atmosphere that creates a sense of well-being, where you can gather to enjoy delicacies and fine Italian wines. Vespa is best suited for companies without young children as we do not offer high chairs at this location. See more from Vespa and the current menu here.

Kitchen: classic Italian
Private dining: 12 persons

Store Kongensgade 90
+45 33 11 37 00


Colored tiles, beautiful, exotic cocktails and true South American passion in both food and service. Our tasting menu with delicious South American dishes is especially suitable for smaller as larger companies. At Llama you get a festive evening with music and loud mood. See more from Llama and current menu here. See current menu and more from Llama here.

Kitchen: Latinamerican
Private dining: 10 persons

Lille Kongensgade 14
+45 89 93 66 87
[email protected]


At Høst you will get the highest quality within the Nordic cuisine. Both rustic and elegant, plated with finesse, the food is Michelin recommended and the whole experience at Høst is on another level. A finer dining yet laid back and comfortable experience that will impress and surprise you. See the current menu and read more about Høst here.

Køkken: Nordic
Private dining: 16 persons
Semi-private dining: 10 persons

Nørre Farimagsgade
+45 89 93 84 09
[email protected]

Restaurant Cofoco

The food is like the decor - full of contrasts: the rustic and elegant, the simple and the advanced. Restaurant Cofoco offers exceptionally a pleasant environment and good quality for any gathering. See the current menu and read more about Restaurant Cofoco here.

Kitchen: Nordic - sometimes with inspiration from around the world
Private dining: 12-16 persons

Abel Cathrines Gade 7
+45 33 13 60 60
[email protected]


Delphine takes you on a culinary journey to the Greek Archipelago and Southern Italy. The private room is bright, spacious and with high ceilings. In addition, it has its own private entrance from the street. Delphine is open morning, noon and evening, so there is plenty of opportunity to arrange an event for all occasions!

Kitchen: Greek & Southern Italian
Private dining: 18-22 persons

Vesterbrogade 40
+45 73 70 68 50
[email protected]

If there is too much to choose from or if you would like us to find the best solution for your event, please send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call on +45 70 70 15 88. Please inform us about your desired date, occasion and wishes. We will be happy to assist you.

Corsa Vesterbro, Østerbro and Nordhavn

You can dine as a group at Corsa Vesterbro, Østerbro and Nordhavn. Corsa serves a set menu with plenty of antipasti for share, pizza or meatballs as main course and Sicilian icecream for dessert, for only 250 DKK per person. You can add wine, beer and water ad libitum for 195 DKK.

Vesterbrogade 44
+45 30151595
[email protected]