Cofoco to open hotel in Copenhagen

Cofoco has purchased Hotel Copenhagen Crown located on Vesterbrogade 41 in Copenhagen. The address has a long history as a hotel and dates back to around 1880. The hotel has been known as Copenhagen Crown for the past 30 years but will be given a new name by Cofoco. The hotel is Cofoco's first, and regarding the acquirement, Cofoco CEO and owner Christian Lytje says:

We have long wanted to enter the hotel industry and have been looking for the right place in Copenhagen, which we have now found at Vesterbrogade 41. In addition to taking over the hotel operations, we were given the opportunity to buy the whole building, which we did. This gives us a unique opportunity to create the hotel exactly the way we want with the atmosphere we love from our restaurants, and the renovation is already underway. We expect the hotel to be completely finished by late summer.

The hotel will consist of 90 rooms, a few of which have small gardens. The ground floor will consist of a larger lobby area and a cozy courtyard. Both will be open to hotel guests and Copenhageners to enjoy coffee, drinks and wine throughout the day.

It is important for us to create a hotel where you want to spend time in other areas than only in your room. For example, on the patio on a warm summer evening or in the ground floor lobby bar area, where you can both relax, find a place to work or meet up with friends for a glass of wine. We want to create a hotel that invites you to meet new people, but it is also important for us to create a place that locals want to hang out and, in general, a place where everyone can have fun. Therefore, we will also arrange and host various open cultural events in the hotel such as concerts, lectures, wine tastings, events and experiences that bring people closer together.” 

We want to create a cozy hotel with a natural personality where sustainability is a focus, and of course in a price range that is reasonable – which is exactly the same mantra we have successfully applied to all our 11 restaurants since 2004. We see a strong synergy between our restaurants and the hotel, and we believe that by opening the hotel we can help give people an even better experience when they visit Copenhagen” says Christian Lytje.

We are so excited about this next chapter in Cofoco's history, and cannot wait to welcome you all in our new hotel.