Guidelines for restaurants

After the lock down due to Covid-19, the restaurants have been opened with new rules for opening hours and number of people in the restaurant, more strict hygiene rules and precautions regarding distance between guests, cancellation, etc., so that you can be protected best possible during your visit.

We have prepared a new plan for how we work in our restaurants, following the guidelines given. This includes the following precautions:

- Minimum 1 meter distance between tables/parties

- The maximum number of guests in the restaurant is calculated on the basis that each guest must have 2 m2

- Hand disinfectant and sink and soap access available to all guests and staff.  Staff are also instructed in frequent hand washing and / or hand disinfection

- Disinfection of tables after each reservation

- In bar areas, guests are allowed to stay for a maximum of 15 minutes, unless one is in a restaurant with a screen

- Limited opening hours (close at 12pm midnight)

- Menu cards are disinfected after each guest, unless they are one-time menu cards

- Frequent cleaning of toilets, handles and other frequently touched surfaces

We hope you will help us make the reopening a good experience for everyone - everyone have to do everything we can!