We are ready to reopen!

See you on Wednesday the 21st of April! 

We are looking forward to opening our restaurants and welcoming you all inside again. We have used the hiatus to renovate and update, so you can look forward to top tuned restaurants, menus and staff when you arrive.

All our restaurants open from on Wednesday, and you can book your tables right here!

Curfew is set at 11pm with last serving at 10 pm. Check out the restaurants' individual pages for their opening hours.


  • Book a table in advance - find our available tables here
  • Corona pass - health is wealth, and negative is the new positive!
  • Face mask - however we do encourage you to take it off while you eat


We love a good party, and finally you will be able to dine out in groups again. Here are the rules:

  • From April 21st, you can book for up to 10 people indoors.
  • From May 6th, you are allowed to be up to 25 people in the same company indoors.
  • From May 21, you can be up to 50 people indoors.
  • From June 1st, you may gather up to 100 people indoors.

See you from Wednesday the 21st of April!