Guide: Ceviche or Crudo?

There are thousands of different ways to prepare fish, and also thousands of different kinds of fish to prepare. Fish can be fried, baked, grilled, boiled or enjoyed raw, and specifically raw fish is a delicacy in many food cultures. 

Of course the fish is enjoyable as completely raw, as we know it from for example sushi or sashimi, but it is also enjoyable as a south american ceviche in spicy citrusjuice, or as an italian crudo with extra virgin olive oil and acidity. Whether you prefer one or the other version, here you have a couple of tips on which Cofoco restaurants can satisfy your craving for raw fish and citrus. 

Ceviche is the epitomy of Peru, which obviously is why it's on the menu at Restaurant Llama. Llama offers several different kinds of ceviche - from the classic version with halibut, tomato, onion and leche de tigre. Llama also serves vegetarian ceviches - one is a tomato ceviche with bellpepper and another is a melon ceviche with avocado, cucumber and jalapeño. Common for all of the southamerican ceviches are the powerful tastes of lime, chili and spices. 

Even though Oysters & Grill aren't a south american restaurant, they have still drawn inspiration from the south american kitchen, which is why they serve their own version of a ceviche. The fish is cod, and it is served together with pickled red onions, mango, coriander and chili. If shellfish is preferred, Oysters & Grill also serves raw norwegian scallops with tomatosalsa and avocado. 

At the italian osteria, Vespa, raw fish is also on the menu. Though at Vespa, it is an italian crudo. The fish is salmon and it is served with extra virgin olive oil, citrusjuice and crunchy pistachios. 

The two different Scarpetta Restaurants, one at Nørrebro and one at Islands Brygge both serves the italian version as well. The fish at Scarpetta isn't salmon though - it is mackerel, served with plenty of citrus, parsley, mint and fresh crispy tomatoes. 

If you got curious about the different restaurants and what they offer, you can find the menus right below here. 

The Menu at Llama

The Menu at Oysters & Grill

The Menu at Vespa

The Menu at Scarpetta