Vegetarian, look no further!

Whether you are a full on vegetarian or simply enjoy your meat-free days, you can always look forward to delicious vegetarian meals at Cofoco.

Our vegetarian menus are so much more than boiled vegetables, and we pour just as much effort into our green menus as we do in our regular menus. The vegetarian kitchen is greatly diverse and tasty and we always strive to demonstrate this in our menus.

You can enjoy vegetarian menus at all our restaurants! 

Below you can find a selection of our vegetarian menus at our different restaurants.

Scarpetta 5 course menu:

Insalata di caprese

Pea/zucchini soup with fresh peas, mint and ricotta

Trofie Amatriciana, tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, chili and Pecorino

Grilled escarole with new potatoes, green asparagus and pesto verde

Almond cake with marinated peaches and vanilla ice cream



At Restaurant Cofoco we offer: 

Yellow beets with cream of horseradish, radishes and puffed buckwheat

Cold pea soup with croutons and smoked creme fraiche

Green asparagus with salty lemon, miso-hollandaise and kale 

Sorbet of rhubarb with mazarin cake, white chocolate and chamomile 

Restaurant Cofoco

Vegetarian menu at Høst:

White asparagus with herbal cream and sorrel

Grilled peas with fermented green strawberries and mushroom broth

Sourdough pancake with smoked lemon and wild asparagus 

Creamy corn with summer truffles, tomatoes and Vesterhavsost (cheese)

Danish strawberries with ice cream on wheat grass and meringue


At Vækst you can choose our 3-course Green Menu for 275DKK

Tomatoes with toasted almonds, ramsons & sesame sauce 

Grilled white asparagus with truffle & porcini mushroom sauce 

Rhubarb sorbet and dark chocolate 


Please inform your waiter that you want the vegetarian menu. If you have questions about the individual menus, you are more than welcome to contact us.