Have a private New Years Eve party at our restaurants

Did you know that you can book a private room at several Cofoco restaurants on New Year's Eve?

... And we also offer to secure you access to the night party at Llama or Delphine! In other words: The perfect New Year's party!

At several of our restaurants, we have cosy and festive private dining options that you can book for your private New Year's party. The room is free of charge, and you only pay for your New Year's menu and drinks. In other words, it's a great opportunity to have a luxurious private party - without a luxurious bill! 

After dinner, you'll have access to Delphine or Llama, where the party continues from 11pm to 2am and 3am with cocktails and DJs spinning records. It's going to be the party of the year!

We have private dining options at the following restaurants:

Llama: up to 10 people

Delphine: up to 22 people

Les Trois Cochons: up to 10 people together, or 19 people in adjoining rooms

Høst: up to 16 people

Vækst: up to 30 people

Vespa: up to 12 people

Restaurant Cofoco: up to 20 people

Contact us at [email protected] to hear more and book your private New Years party!

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