Nye retter og cocktails på Llama

There are new dishes on the menu at Llama, where you can indulge in Latin American cuisine such as ceviche, tostadas, tacos, and grilled vegetables and quality meats. Among the new dishes is a Chilpachole with shrimp, kumquats, yellow tomatoes, and ginger and garlic oil. A dish that originates from Veracruz just like our head chef Ivan. You can also try a tostada with peas, pico de gallo, horseradish and queso fresco, cod steamed in banana leaves with grilled vegetables, or one of the delicious desserts: mango sorbet with mango foam and popcorn crumble or Horchata sorbet with Tuma Yellow chocolate foam, puffed rice & hazelnut praline.

Top it all off with a delicious cocktail with or without alcohol. In the picture, it's (from left) an Alpaca Sour, a Rui Spritz, and a non-alcoholic Brazilian lemonade.

And don't forget that Llama Restaurant turns into a bar with possibly the city's best dance floor and a DJ every Friday and Saturday until 02. Remember to book a table after 20.45 if you want to stay after your dinner, or drop by after 22.

See the full menu at Llama and book your table here.