New Year's Eve Menus at Cofoco's Restaurants

Have the party of the year at Cofoco!

Enter year 2020 with good company, high spirits and satisfied taste buds. Cofoco's restaurants are celebrating, again this year, New Year's Eve with festive menus created especially for the last evening of the year. 

On New Year's Eve, our restaurants have put together very special menus for you, who would rather enjoy the party without lifting a finger. Scroll down to explore the various restaurants and click on Madbillet to read about the menus.

The restaurants will be open from 6 pm to 11 pm. Where you can freely arrive at the restaurant between 6 pm and 6:30 pm.

New Year's Eve tickets can be purchased here!

If you are a larger company that wants a private room in one of our restaurants, you can contact: [email protected] We will do our best to accommodate your needs!


At Høst you can be enchanted by the beautiful surroundings and tasteful Nordic inspired food out of the ordinary.

Location: Nørre Farimagsgade 41, between Israels Plads and the lakes 

See the New Year's Eve menu at Høst here.


The decor at Vækst is centered around a beautiful greenhouse that extends up through the two floors of the restaurant. On this special evening, you can look forward to a Nordic menu carried by fresh vegetables and herbs in the company of a piece of good meat. Eat and toast under the many hanging plants that draw nature all the way to the table while the many fine lights create the atmosphere of a warm and meaningful evening that never ends.

Location: Sankt Pederstræde 34. Also open for lunch Monday to Saturday. 

See the New Year's Eve menu at Vækst here.

Les Trois Cochons

At Les Trois Cochons you can enjoy a refined French atmosphere. And experience life in Paris for a while. On the plate you will find good French ingredients and specialties combined with the kitchen's flair for the classic craftsmanship.

Location: Værnedamsvej 10, in the heart of Vesterbro

See the New Year's Eve menu at Les Trois Cochons here.

Llama Restaurant & Bar 

Enjoy an evening at Llama's warm Latin American atmosphere, where we let the festive dishes speak for themselves and the glasses filled with everything good from the cocktail bar.

Location: Lille Kongensgade 14, close to Kgs. Nytorv

See the New Year's Eve menu at Llama here.

Oysters & Grill

Sea meets land at Nørrebro's ultimate neighboring restaurant, Oysters & Grill, serving the best and most festive seafood in town. Flow of cocktails and lots of champagne. The speech is loud and the vibes good. This is the recipe for a great evening.

Location: Sjællandsgade 1B, a part of Nørrebro's vibrant neighborhood 

See the New Year's Eve menu at Oysters & Grill here.

Restaurant Cofoco

At our bright basement restaurant in the heart of Vesterbro, the food is like the decor - full of contrasts: the rustic and the elegant, the simple and the sophisticated. Restaurant Cofoco stands for good Danish ingredients served with elegance and always tasty.

Location: Abel Cathrines Gade 7, between Istedgade & Vesterbrogade

See the New Year's Eve menu at Restaurant Cofoco here.

Scarpetta Islands Brygge

Take a seat in an inviting atmosphere and enjoy a special evening under the warm glow from the lamps. Scarpetta is a modern and authentic Italian restaurant based on the classic Italian flavors and always looking for Italian ingredients and specialties.

Location: Islands Brygge 81F, in a cozy and local neighborhood 

See the New Year's Eve menu at Scarpetta Islands Brygge here.

Scarpetta Rantzausgade

Scarpetta is based on the pure Italian flavors, but always on the lookout for Italian ingredients and specialties. So take a seat in an open and classic restaurant this special evening and get ready for the meeting between traditional and modern Italian cuisine.

Location: Scarpetta Rantzausgade 7, surrounded by energetic streets

See the New Year's Eve menu at Scarpetta Rantzausgade here.


Spuntino is like gathering family or a bunch of good friends around a table in an Italian backyard for an evening with laughter, celebrations and good memories. Under the many green plants and warm glow from the lights, you will get plenty of food, prepared classic Italian - simple and with lots of flavor.

Location: Vesterbrogade 68, vibrant main street in Vesterbro 

See the New Year's Eve menu at Spuntino here.


Vespa is your Italian osteria that always delivers local ambiance, cosiness and Italian delicacies. Settle in at our cozy and warm osteria in the middle of old Copenhagen, where it is the food on the plates and the guests that has our heart on the most festive evening of the year.

Location: Store Kongensgade 90, in walking distance to Kgs. Nytorv, the metro city ring & Østerport Station.

See the New Year's Eve menu at Vespa here.

Jah Izakaya & Sake Bar

Sit back and let Jah impress and introduce you to authentic and classic izakaya dishes. Jah Izakaya & Sake Bar wants to expand the culinary horizon in Copenhagen to include genuine Japanese Izakaya cuisine. Therefore, you can look forward to a festive evening where the atmosphere is informal, quite noisy and never boring.

Location: Gasværksvej 21, between The Meatpacking District & Vesterbrogade

See the New Year's Eve menu at Jah Izakaya & Sake Bar here.