Seasonal ingredients

At our restaurants, we always strive to prioritize climate-friendly and sustainable solutions. Therefore, we choose our raw materials wisely based on the the season's crops.

The month of August is a time when the sun is extra valuable and the harvest enriches us with wonderful ingredients to experiment with in our restaurants.

Zucchini Flower

The zucchini flower is a fresh local ingredient that blooms from late June and onwards. It can be harvested during late summer and into autumn.

The flower has a multitude of cooking options and we are especially pleased to serve it fried. Below you can see an overview of how we serve the zucchini flower at Delphine, Restaurant Cofoco and Oysters & Grill.


Fried zucchini flower

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Oysters & Grill

Fried zucchini flower with lemon mayonnaise

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Restaurant Cofoco

Fried zucchini flower with pistachio creme, herbs and yuzu vinaigrette

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The chanterelle is a favorite among the Danish edible mushrooms and the cooking possibilities are endless. Chanterelles grow during the summer in Denmark and have their peak season in August and September.

Below you can see an overview of how we prepare dishes with chanterelles at Høst, Vækst, Restaurant Cofoco and Spuntino.


Stewed chanterelles with white currant

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Fried cauliflower with corn and chanterelles marinated in browned butter - sprinkled with truffle.

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Restaurant Cofoco

Waffle with chanterelles, truffle puree, ceps béarnaise and summer truffle

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Pappardelle with Karl Johan mushrooms, oyster hats, chanterelles and black trumpet mushroom - topped with gremolata

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