Fighting the waste of food

Everyday we actively work towards making the most use of each ingredient, in order to contribute to bringing down the high amount of food waste.

Every day, we are actively working towards utilizing as much of our products as possible in order to reduce food waste.

Every year 700.000 tons of good food is trashed in Denmark. 5 % of this wasted food comes from the hospitality industry, which may not sound like a lot, but it actually accumulates to 35.000 tons of food each year, and that is something we want to change for the better. 

The PLEDGE on Food Waste: Høst receives first European certificate

At Cofoco we set our standard high when it comes to sustainability. We aim to cooperate with both national and international companies and organisations that share the same sustainable vision. This also applies, when regarding something as local as food waste. 

To get a larger, international perspective and inspiration for how we can engage our guests, we have entered into a cooperation with The PLEDGE on Food Waste and we are pleased to say that Restaurant Høst is the first ever European restaurant to receive certification by The PLEDGE. 

"Danish companies are once again showing that they are ahead of the rest by at least 5 to 10 years. Even with nicely streamlined operations, Cofoco’s genuine commitment to food waste prevention through the PLEDGE really shows its intention to set the standard very high" - Benjamin Lephilibert, Managing Director, LightBlue Environmental Consulting

Read our press release here: The Pledge Press Release Høst 2019

The PLEDGE on Food Waste is an international, independent program focusing on 9 specific areas, designet to reduce food waste, bring down costs and not the least to visualise the achieved results. 
You can see the 9 points in the visualisation below. 

The overall goal for all of us, is to spare the environment as much as possible. It shouldn't be measured in penny's and dime's - but if we can reduce our food waste with a significant amount, it will also release a stronger economy to buy more sustainable commodities, and participate in more sustainable actions, like f.x. our solarpark in Nees

There are also actions you can take as a guest. For example:

  • to ask if you can get potential leftover with you in a "Doggy bag"
  • not order more than you can eat. You can always order more food, if you are still hungry.