International Pisco Sour Day 2019 at Llama

The first Saturday in the month of February is a special day. That is because it is The International Pisco Sour Day - and this year the date is the 2nd of February. True to tradition we must celebrate that day at Llama where the Pisco Sour has been on the menu ever since the doors opened in 2014.

Pisco is a brandy from Peru and Chile. Traditionally, it is known as the working mans brandy and of course as the main ingredient in the traditional cocktail Pisco Sour.

Since Llama started shaking the first Pisco Sours more than 150.000 have made it from the bar to the guests. We believe that that calls for celebration, and in the best Llama-spirit no one must be forgotten. That is why we celebrate The International Pisco Sour Day on both friday the 1st of February and Saturday the 2nd of February from 22 until 02 o'clock.

To celebrate this special day we have expanded the Pisco Sour list with 4 different kinds of Pisco Sours - and when you order two of the same kind you get them for the special price of 170,-(normally 115,- pr. drink)

  • Pisco Sour
  • Passion Pisco Sour
  • Raspberry Pisco Sour
  • Basil Pisco Sour

That gives you no excuse, to not celebrate the weekend with a taste of the Peruvian nationaldrink and great company.

See you there?