Who we are

Everyone deserves a good meal. A meal that come together through the atmosphere of your surroundings, the people gathered around the table, the memories created while you are there and, not least, the food you enjoy. A meal created with respect for you and the ingredients on your plate, springing from a curiosity and love for the good meal.

We strive to create surroundings where you can feel at home. Surroundings that embraces you and yours, and allows you to create new desires and traditions. Cofoco was founded on the belief that the good meal should not be expensive. We wanted to create restaurants that made it possible to eat out often and present new kitchens that could offer new Copenhageners new experiences. We have done that since 2004, and the vision will live on in the years to come.

Copenhagen Food Collective is just that; a community, a collective where we all gather about the love of the good meal. We - from floor to kitchen - believe that cooperation creates value. That if we combine our strengths, we can surpass both ours and, not least, your expectations.

It also demands, from the raw materials we make to the experience we create, but also as a whole. We are always looking forward to lifting the level of our industry, making sustainability, animal welfare and ecology for granted. We will continue to renew the restaurant scene and ourselves so that we can continue to present new experiences for Copenhagen.

Bon appetite.

The great meal is at the heart of our restaurants and a part of this is the people welcoming you, the décor, the table setting and, of course, the atmosphere. We want to create wonderful experiences you will remember. At prices where you always get more than expected.

From 2018, we will change traditions yet again by putting sustainability on the menu. We’re activating our solar park in Western Jutland, producing 40 percent more energy than we consume at Cofoco and at the same time you will find more organic and local produce on our plates. Get your taste buds ready for this!