Meet Cofoco

Who we are

It can be difficult to remember how we dined out before Cofoco arrived. Because since 2004, where we opened our first restaurant we’ve been instrumental in shaping and renewing the City’s food scene and the way we dine out in Copenhagen.

The Italian kitchen have always had our heart, but our 15 restaurants has introduced South American, Japanese and Nordic cuisine to the people of Copenhagen as well – without us losing our sense of casual. Cofoco is for everyone.

The great meal is at the heart of our restaurants and a part of this is the people welcoming you, the décor, the table setting and, of course, the atmosphere. We want to create wonderful experiences you will remember. At prices where you always get more than expected.

From 2018, we will change traditions yet again by putting sustainability on the menu. We’re activating our solar park in Western Jutland, producing 40 percent more energy than we consume at Cofoco and at the same time you will find more organic and local produce on our plates. Get your taste buds ready for this!