Mindful products

Sustainable products
Sustainability to us means being conscious of what we are putting on the plate. We are aware of the footprints of each ingredient we use, and it matters to us where the products come from. Our menus are based on which greens are in season and when they are available from our local suppliers. 

We develop our courses from the belief that greens and vegetables should have plenty of space on the plates, and it is possible to order a full vegetarian or vegan menu on all our restaurants. When we do put meat on the plate we primarily use fish, poultry and pork, and let beef be an add-on. 

We solely use organic dairy and eggs and we pride ourselves in working with partners that prioritize animal welfare, because we know that great taste starts with great produce. For that reason, we are only using Hjertemærket poultry and pork, guaranteeing the animal welfare on the farms. 

For us, it is imperative to offer our guests the best products to maintain our high standard of quality. That is also why we are happy to work with responsible Danish suppliers such as Grambogaard, Fiskerikajen and Dybbøl and Hopballe Mølle. 

Minimizing food waste
Every year the restaurant industry wastes 42.000 tons food, which could have been reused for human food*  

In Copenhagen Food Collective we are actively working on reducing our food waste. We are adapting our portion sizes to suit the amount of food our guests are actually eating. We are using biproducts of our ingredients for soup or stock, as well as cooking staff food from leftovers, to ensure that we make the most of every product. 

Every restaurant is sorting the waste that is produced, ensuring that it can be repurposed in the best way possible. We are working with different companies who helps us with this, like Daka Refood who picks up our food oil and reuse it as biodiesel. 

*Source: https://fvm.dk/nyheder/nyhed/n...

In all our restaurants we serve Danish tap water, filtered and bottled to offer the purest taste. We offer sparkling or still to your liking. Simple and clean. In Denmark, we have some of the world's best water right in our taps, and we see no reason in buying expensive branded water from abroad, transporting it to our restaurants and selling it at overprice to our guests. Serving filtered water reduces pollution from transportation and the use of plastic bottles. Thus, filtering our perfect Danish water is a sustainable solution we are sticking to. 

We do charge a smaller amount for water ad libitum so you can enjoy as much as you would like and stay hydrated. We charge this fee to maintain and update the filtration systems and bottles, to have the systems cleaned regularly and for service.