Mindful products

At Cofoco we prioritize using the best products, whether is is our meat, our organic eggs and dairy or our water.

Sustainable water
In all our restaurants we serve our quality Danish water, filtered and bottled to offer the purest taste. We offer sparkling or still to your liking. Simple and clean. In Denmark, we have some of the world's best water right in our taps, and we see no reason in buying expensive branded water from abroad, transporting it to our restaurants and selling it at overprice to our guests. Serving filtered water reduces pollution from transportation and the use of plastic bottles. Thus, filtering our perfect Danish water is a sustainable solution we are sticking to. 

We do charge a smaller amount for water ad libitum so you can enjoy as much as you would like and stay hydrated. We charge this fee to maintain and update the filtration systems and bottles, to have the systems cleaned regularly and for service. 

Sustainable products

We only use organic dairy and eggs and we pride ourselves in working with partners that prioritize animal welfare. This is because great taste starts with great products. We are continuously working to secure more sustainable and organic products on our menus and are always mindfull in our sourcing.

For us, it is imperative to offer our guests the best products to maintain our high standard of quality. That is also why we are happy to among other things serve pork from Grambogaard and poultry from Gråsten and Hopballe Mølle.