REGA - The Danish Restaurant Industry Warranty

Copenhagen Food Collective is a certified member of REGA - an organization promoting human rights, environmental sustainability and anti-corruption within the restaurant industry.

We are very happy to see the birth of REGA and hope many more of our industry colleagues will join the initiative to bring the industry up to a level of sustainability that we can all be proud of. We also hope the work done through REGA will inspire other industries to put human rights, environmental sustainability and anti-corruption on their agendas.

REGA works towards developing a new policy for responsible corporate management within the industry by 2020. This means that REGA is still a work in progress and will continue to develop as we go. It also means that we have a great opportunity to shape the initiative and the industry through our own sustainable initiatives. REGA offers a platform to share knowledge on responsibility and sustainability and we look forward to sharing what we know and do at Cofoco.

About REGA

REGA is an industry initiative focusing on social responsibility. It is a partnership between Danish restauranteurs who want to elevate the standard of social responsibility within the restaurant (and cafe) industry. Through REGA, we as members commit to running responsible businesses with high standards of social, environmental and economic sustainability. 

REGA delivers a Best Practice check list, that clarifies both how the restaurant industry can run responsible and sustainable businesses and how we as an industry can work together to secure a better and more sustainable future.

REGA is the world's first industry initiative focussing on social responsibility and is also a stamp of quality for its members, proving the highest level of commitment to social responsibility for the restaurant industry in the world.