Our Recipe for a Sustaniable Future

We live in a time, where we face great climate changes. We believe that we all have a responsibility to change this development and that we all must contribute with sustainable solutions. That is why we are working on several initiatives aimed at securing positive change that is beneficial for the environment.

Our biggest initiative is our multi-million investment in solar energy. We have partnered up with solar energy company Better Energy and have bought a 6-acre solar energy farm in Nees in the northwestern part of Jutland. The park is large enough to supply Cofoco with more than enough green energy for now and for future restaurant expansions.

We are also an active partner in the newly established organisation REGA, promoting human rights, environmental care and anti-corruption within the restaurant industry. REGA is the world's first industry initiative targeting corporate social responsibility at this level.

Read more about all our initiatives for a sustainable future below

Sustainability Report 2018

Read our full sustainability report 2018 here.

Our Solar Park in Nees

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Minimizing Food Waste

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REGA - The New Industry Warranty

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Cofoco Supports Locally

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Sustainable Products

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