Cofoco is powered by the sun

We are proud to announce that Cofoco is the first restaurant chain in Denmark to become CO2 neutral with our very own solar park.

In a new type of partnership with solar energy company Better Energy, Cofoco is now co-owners of a solar park, that produces enough energy to cover our needs both now and with future growth of the company. We have invested largely in a solar park the size of 9 football fields that produces 30 % more energy than we rely on in Cofoco, meaning that we achieve a negative CO2 impact on the environment.

By investing in solar energy we minimize the negative impact which running a company that services more than 400.000 guests every year has on the environment. At the same time, we want to show our commitment to helping secure a sustainable future for Denmark. 

The solar panels are located on large green fields just outside of the town Nees in the Northwestern part of Jutland. The fields offer perfect conditions for organic farming as no chemicals or pesticides are used on vegetation or for maintenance of the solar panels. This also helps preserve the local ground water. The vegetation is maintained by ducks and geese that grasses on the fields, and we look forward to hopefully serve these in our restaurants at the end of the year. 

So, next time you visit one of our restaurants or buy a Cofoco meal, you are also supporting a greener and more sustainable future for Denmark.

It all comes down to taking responsibility
We know that we are facing serious climate challenges and that we all have to act in order to turn things around for the better. We believe companies like ourselves play a big part in turning the climate challenges around and hope that our actions and initiatives inspire other companies to also make a change so that we collectively can work towards a more sustainable future.

It has always been important to us to run a responsible company that our employees can be proud of. That is why this investment in solar power has been a natural step for us. By switching to sustainable energy we are showing our employees, guests and everyone else that we are committed to our promise of delivering great food experiences on all levels, and that we are prepared to take responsibility for the environmental impact that comes with this commitment. 

About the Solar Park
Our solar park in Nees is developed and built by the solar energy company Better Energy, who are also responsible for daily management of the park.

The solar park covers an area of six hectares, which is the equivalent of nine football fields. In addition to generating sustainable energy for Cofoco's 11 restaurants and substantial production of convenience meals, the solar panels will generate around 1.500MWh sustainable energy for the national energy grid. That is the equivalent of the total energy usage of 950 average Danish households. That also means that Cofoco will still be covered by solar energy in future expansion of the company.