Tree planting for a greener future

Between 2018 - 2021 we have planted trees in Tanzania and Mexico by donating to organisations (Green Earth Appeal og Reforestation LATAM). These organisations works with establishing eco systems, sustainable forestry and agriculture in the Usambara mountains in Tanzania and Veracruz, Mexico. In short, the tree planting projects aim to educate and strengthen the local community with the knowledge and tools to restore biodiversity and establish self-sufficient, sustainable ecosystems - for the benefit of the locals and the overall CO2 content of the atmosphere. In addition to contributing concretely to local development, the trees have a measurable effect on the amount of CO2, since each tree in an average lifespan (expected 40 years) absorbs around 1 tonne of CO2. In comparison, an aircraft emits approx. 200kg CO2 on a journey from Copenhagen to Paris.

Together with our guests we have donated a total of 1.070.772,40 dkk, equivalent to 118.975 trees. 

See details about the accounting 2023 here.