Big news: Pizza at Spuntino

Something exciting has happened at Spuntino - and this is something special. We have gotten a pizza oven, which bakes the best sour-dough pizzas. Crispy crust and a soft center is the characteristics of a authentic pizza Napoletana and that is exactly how we serve our new pizzas at Spuntino. 

We always offer 4 different variants, with some being white pizzas and some being classics with tomato sauce. There is always a vegetarian option, but besides that, the commonalities are that everything is made with the freshest ingredients. 

The pizza at Spuntino is there to stay, and it can be ordered a la carte or you can choose it as the main-course in Spuntinos delicious italian 7-course menu at 250,-

On the menu it is also possible to enjoy various antipasti and either meats, fish or pasta as a maincourse. 

We hope that the pizzas will be greatly welcomed, and we can't wait to serve them to you. 

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