Scarpetta Rantzausgade

Opening hours
Monday > Sunday: 18.00 - 24.00
Kitchen closes: 21.45 (Friday > Saturday at 22.00)
Rantzausgade 7
2200 København N
+45 35 35 08 08

It's become a cliché to talk about the Italian country kitchen. At Scarpetta, we prefer the more urban version of the boot-shaped country’s food traditions.

Scarpetta means little boot, it’s also the term for using a piece of bread to mop up the last of the sauce from the plate.

With Scarpetta, we acknowledge that the raw and sensual, rural Italian cuisine also works in the big cities like Milan and Florence, where the pace is just that little bit faster and where everything is constantly evolving.

At Scarpetta you’ll find the classics of course, risotto, ravioli, pizza and pasta dishes, but you’ll see that we complement the traditional with something new. To start with we use Danish produce and spice up the whole experience with classic Danish design, Hans Wegner’s Y Chair is just one example of this.

Today’s modern city dweller demands choices and Scarpetta delivers on that need. The menu offers a long list of starter-sized dishes, so you can combine them and create your own feast or select the five-course menu that we’ve put together for you.

Sat looking out, past the olive trees placed inside the restaurant, you feel the energy of Rantzausgade, with the busy 7-11 placed on the opposite corner. The local Italian community have embraced Scarpetta since opening in 2009. We’re so proud to have become a place where the residents in the local area come together and dine.

Today, Scarpetta looks like a little New Yorker restaurant, which has almost always been there.

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