Opening hours
Monday > Saturday: 18.00 - 24.00
Kitchen closes: 21.45
St. Kongensgade 90
1264 København K.
+45 33 11 37 00

Charm, ease and a no strings attached trip, where the journey is more important than the destination. It's hard not to be charmed by Vespa, it transports you to the Riviera – where it’s always summer, whatever the season.

Vespa is for those, who can easily combine stilettos and patent leather shoes with the rural Italian country kitchen. The great Italian journey can be taken with us quicker and, very nearly, cheaper than a guidebook to the country would end up costing you.

We named the restaurant after the legendary Italian scooter, because it’s a spot that exudes pace and style. Although the menu consists of four courses, where no fewer than 10 small dishes are consumed before the main event - or primo – has even arrived at your table, you don’t need to be sat for hours, even though the food, albeit slimmed down a little, is just like Mamma would serve to her whole family.

Vespa is a stopping point on the way into town. The decor is reminiscent of a cosy osteria, placed by the side of a railway station in a small Italian village. The food is quick and easy, and the atmosphere is the same, bubbling away with anticipation. This is true for all guests, whether they are the early birds on the way to the theatre, or those heading out a little later on the way to a club.

The open glass facade facing onto Kongensgade sucks the evening light into the restaurant, where we stock you up, ready for the rest of the journey into king's Copenhagen, ready for the many experiences that await you around every street corner.

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