Cocofo plants 30.000 trees in Tanzania

Through christmas- and New Year Eve's menus, Cofoco Food supports sustainable, self-sufficient farming in the Usambara mountains. This years sale is expected to convert into approximately 30.000 new trees.

Every year as christmas and New Year's Eve are getting closer, Cofoco Food becomes more and more busy with cooking, preparing and delivering food for christmas lunches and New Year's Eve parties. This year, Cofoco has startet a cooperation with the british organization Carbon Free Dining, as the first danish partner. The cooperation means that Cofoco Food will plant a tree, to benefit the environment and locals in Tanzania, for every menu sold for Christmas and New Year's Eve.

"Since the political system are lagging, it is of upmost importance that we, as a company, take responsibility for our role in the green transition. It might sound exaggerated, but a single menu can make a concrete difference, and with our volume it will actually result in a pretty significant difference. With this initiative, both we and our diners contribute directly to a positive development in a community, while contributing to a CO2-reduction" explains part-owner of Cofoco, August Lund.

Last year the december-holidays resulted in a total sale of around 30.000 menus and Cofoco Food is expecting at least the equivalent this year. That is expected to result in 30.000 new trees, that will lead a number of positive effects in line with the UN World Goals on sustainable development.

Carbon Free Dining works to establish ecosystems and sustainable forestry and agriculture in the Usambara mountains in Tanzania. The purpose of the tree planting-project is to educate and strengthen local communities with knowledge and tools to reestablish biodiversity and establish self-sufficient and sustainable ecosystems - to benefit themselves and the overall CO2-level in the atmosphere. Besides contributing to the local development, the trees also have a measurable effect on the amount of CO2, since every tree is expected to absorb approximately 1 ton of CO2 in their average lifespand.

You can read more about Carbon Free Dining here and Green Earth Appeal here, who are an official partner in the UN "Billion Tree Campaign". The variety of trees depends on the local needs and conditions, but they will typically be trees like Moringa and fruittrees such as avocado, apple and pear.

Produced on solar energy

The tree planting-project is part of Cofocos green transition and is following the news, that Cofoco with the construction of their own solar panel park in the north western part of Jutland, now runs all 12 restaurants and their catering- and convenience food production on green solar energy!

"We always wish to give our guests and catering customers a great dining experience and with the tree planting project and our solar park we would also like to show, that we are ready to take responsibility for the impact, that we as a business make on the environment. We are excited to present even more sustainable initiatives in the future," says August Lund.

You can read more about the christmas- and New Year's Eve menus and order them right here.