Cofoco is producing sustainable coffee in Mexico

At Cofoco, we love everything about going out to dinner. From the moment you enter a restaurant and take your seat, when you are served the first plate of food and the accompanying chosen drink, and up until you finish the meal with a delicious cup of quality coffee.

Ending a meal with a good cup of coffee is something we value highly. It should serve as the finale, and thus needs to taste the part. That is why we only brew our coffee on the world's best espresso machines from Slayer, and why we have spent a great deal of time and energy on finding the best coffee and the most skilfull coffee roasters to produce and prepare our beans. We are therefore happy to share with you that we have bought our own coffee farm in Mexico, which will produce our very own sustainable coffee beans!

The farm is located in the Teocelo-region, known for producing exceptional quality coffee. Our goal is to produce the utmost sustainable coffee possible. The entire coffee farm is directly powered on solarpanels located right next to the farm, the coffee is shade-grown instead of sun-grown to spare the natural eco-system and we create compost out of the excess pulp from the coffee production. 

The local environment is also benefitting from Cofoco Coffee. That is why the compost from the pulp are distributed to local farmers, so they can use it for agricultural purposes, and in addition to our own production we will also supplement with coffee from local coffee farms, where we, to support them, pay a higher price than the Mexican market price. 

We are looking forward to being able to serve you our very own sustainable Cofoco Coffee in the future.