Cofoco is nominated for Københavns Erhvervspris 2019

Cofoco is officially nominated for Københavns Erhvervspris 2019 (The Copenhagen Business Award 2019) in the category Environment, CSR & Social enterprises. The reason for the nomination is described by the City of Copenhagen as such:

Copenhagen Food Collective (Cofoco) is a Danish restaurant group with eleven restaurants in Copenhagen, a large kitchen for production of convenience food in Kastrup (Cofoco Food) and a hotel that opens in late summer 2019. As the first restaurant group in Denmark, Cofoco has made a 100% conversion to solar energy and will during the course of 2019 be able to offer its guests CO2 neutral meals through the initiative 'Carbon Free Cofoco'. In addition, Cofoco collaborates with external partners on planting fruit trees in Tanzania using donations from Cofoco and restaurant guests' purchase of trees at the restaurants.

The award is organised to pay tribute to Copenhagen's best companies, and we are both honoured and very proud of the nomination. The jury, consisting of members from the Copenhagen Business Council and the involved mayors appoint the winner in each category, and should Cofoco go on and win in the climate category, we are offered a place at Copenhagen Business Council for a one year period, where we have the opportunity to inspire the other members of the council and contribute to the development of Copenhagen's business policy - A place we hope to be awarded so that we can help to characterise Copenhagen's sustainable future.

We are very grateful for the nomination, and look forward to the big awards ceremony taking place at Copenhagen's annual Business Dialogue meeting in the Ceremonial Hall at City Hall on 15 May.