Cofoco Food set their sights on sustainable lunch scheme

The rapid change in Danes ́ eating habits has left a gap in the market for those who demand more than just the standard buffet arrangement from their companies. In August, Cofoco Food will, therefore, introduce a plant-based lunch scheme where the emphasis is on sustainability.

The sustainable meal

Our huge consumption of meat is one of the contributing factors to the big, negative imprint we make on the environmental ‘balance sheet’ we all share, and the movement towards a more varied, plant-based diet has really taken off. That means, however, that there is quite simply a shortage of high-quality, sustainable lunch schemes, which are largely vegetarian with a little supplement of meat.

Starting in August, Cofoco Food will launch their new, plant-based lunch concept for companies, organisations and businesses in shared offices, who want to make sustainability central to their work ethic, and extend that idea to include their employees´ eating habits. To sum it up in a few words, the scheme revolves around four vegetarian days and one day that includes meat, with the focus on locally-sourced ingredients, organic produce and animal welfare.

“We have now tested our new lunch concept over a longer period of time and are ready to launch a scheme which not only lives up to Cofoco ́s normal requirements for tasty, high quality food, but also strongly emphasizes our clear commitment to becoming more and more sustainable as time goes by. A plant-based lunch scheme is thus totally in line with all of our other sustainable initiatives at Cofoco and Cofoco Food.”, says Kåre Find Nielsen, Managing Director of Cofoco Food.

Cofoco Food is ready to roll out the new plant-based lunch scheme from the

1st of August, 2019.

For Further Information

Contact Kåre Find Nielsen, Managing Director of Cofoco Food at [email protected]

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About Cofoco Food

Cofoco Food is an independent caterer which is owned by Cofoco. This catering service has around 80 employees, who produce sandwiches, wraps, breakfast products and ready-made meals for retailers such as Irma and 190 7-Eleven stores across the country every day. In addition, every Christmas and New Year ́s, Cofoco Food supplies approx. 35,000 menus to private customers. Cofoco Food is developing the food of the future for people on the go and at home, based on sustainability, meals that are prepared with care, and the quality people have come to expect from the Cofoco brand.