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Cofoco was founded on the belief that the good meal doesn't have to be expensive. We wanted to create restaurants, that allowed people to eat out more often, and create new experiences for the people of Copenhagen by introducing new kitchens. It's a vision we've lived by since, and the same must be the case for our digital experiences and content. 

To us, all our restaurants are unique, each and every one. They have their very own folklore, driven by the enthusiasts whom convey their love for the kitchens of the world, night and day. Common to all is though, that we all strive to handle your curiosity and appetite with honesty, so we together can create your best possible meal and experience. Because Copenhagen Food Collective is just that; a community, a collective where we - from floor to kitchen - gather around the love for the good meal.

During that past couple of months, together with a small team of talented film- and music makers, we've collected the essence of the soul of each restaurant; a small bite of what you can expect, next time you drop by. 

Additionally, we've, as you might have noticed, treated our homepage to an upgrade, so we more than ever, can give you a taste of Cofoco. 

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