A Michelin recommendation

As Feburary was wrapping up, Micheling stars and Bibs were scattered, but the thorough French inspectors also give out recommendations to where they think you should enjoy a good meal on your trip around the country. Such a Recommendation was given to Vækst

Interesting Danish cooking follows the seasons and is light, stimulating and full of flavour.

Guide Michelin

Guide Michelin was first published in 1900 by the French tire giant. A little guide as a supplement to the wellknown map over France, guiding you to where you could find gas stops, garages but also places to stay the night and enjoy a proper meal. In the 1930's the Stars were added, and in 1950's the Bib Gourmands followed; Bib is the nickname for the endearing, chubby Michelin man. 

Throughout the years the guide has been updated every year, and apart from the luxurious stars and prizes, Recommendations are given. Vækst is now to be found on this list, supported by compliments around the richness of flavour in the green dishes and even more the decoration, eating outside inside. 

Vækst has a another step towards a greener and more sustainable profile, launched a purely vegan meal, which can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner, and last but not least as a part of VeggieWeek, from March 12th-14th. 

Bon appetit.