A cup of sustainable coffee

Together with Ricco's coffee, Cofoco Food and Cofoco have parted way with the idea of coffee has negative a climate impact. At our joint plantation El Olmo in Mexico, we produce coffee that is not only sustainable, but leaves a positive environmental footprint.

It is a philosophy that we pursue throughout our work, and which has made El Olmo an international environmental pioneer. The beans are grown in shade, which is a cultivation method where the soil absorbs maximum amount of CO2. This means that in the long run we can ensure that the coffee you drink becomes CO2 neutral. In addition, we use the sun's natural heat rays and energy from our own solar park in the drying process, so we avoid the use of electricity and transport all together, which differs a lot from the traditional coffee cultivation.

It is a project we are extremely proud of and hope will make a difference to both the climate and the coffee quality.

Watch the film and learn much more about coffee cultivation and this project.