Quintonil fejrede Llamas 5-års fødselsdag

It's hard to believe that Llama Restaurant & Bar has already existed for 5 years. 5 amazing years where numerous pisco sours, margaritas, tacos and ceviches were made and served for hungry and thirsty guests. 5 years are a big thing - so a birthday like that should obviously not go by unnoticed. 

That is why we arranged a very special event with a very special restaurant to help us celebrate our fifth birthday. The restaurant Quintonil took over the kitchen on the 11th of april and served a 10-course menu for the guests. 

Quintonil is located in Mexico City, run by headchef and co-owner Jorge Vallejo, and placed as nr. 11 on the Worlds 50 Best Restaurants list. The visit in Denmark was quite special, since Jorge throughout his long career has worked at Noma. With him, he brought his own chefs from Quintonil and in cooperation with Llamas headchef Anders Dyvik and the skillfull chefs from Llama they conjured 10 amazing courses. Worth a mention is amongst others "warm" ceviche with scallop, yuzu and mango, potatoes with beans and "grasshopper adobo" and nixtamalized beetroot with a reduction of sweet onions. 

It was very clear throughout the entire menu that Quintonil is well-knowned for cooking foods with powerful flavours and creative expressions. Another point of Quintonil is that they are not fearfull of challenging our tastebuds, which for example was seen in cherry and mezcal sorbet with chicatana ants for pre-dessert, and the actual dessert made from jerusalem artichokes, apple and smoked buttermilk ice cream. 

On the evening a specially selected winemenu was served, which only consisted of natural wines. The guests were served everything from lightly bubbly rosé "Astro Bunny" from Barossa Valley, Australia, to more classic burgundy wine and a special blend of red and white wines grapes "Hinterberg" from Alsace. A little hint to Nikkei-cuisine appeared when the pairing for the dessert was "Kizan Sake". 

After dining through 10 courses and the winemenu to follow, we gave the guests a chance to relax a bit more. We dimmed the lights, and turned up the atmosphere with DJ Christian D'or behind the decks. 

We want to thank all of you who participated in celebrating Llamas fifth birthday. We are very excited to embark on many more with all of you. 

Scroll down to see the beautiful pictures from the event.