Oysters & Grill presents: SHELLFISH & PARTY!

If you love shellfish, champagne, vodka and a good party, we have a suggestion for you. We have planned another festive event at Oysters & Grill on the 31st of January. This time, it will be a shellfish extravaganza complete with delicious drinks and a party not to be missed. If you attended our Greek Night, you know what is going down on the 31st.

We have teamed up with Hjalte Pohlentz and Jesper Hansen from Fiskerikajen, who will prepare the exaggerated feast with our chefs at Oysters & Grill.

To make sure you are take well care of in the drinks department, we have asked Victor Monchamp from Det Franske Vinkort to put together a beautiful selection of champagne, natural white wine and French vodka.

When we have made our way through claws, tales and shells, we will dim the lights, let the DJ turn up the volume and open the bar.

We guarantee it will be a feast to remember and we look forward to seeing you there!


Plenty of oysters and ceviche

(Village Bay, Perles Blanc, Roumegous Special and Gillardeau)

Vodka & champagne


North Sea and Skagen shrimps, Norway lobster og snow crab with bread and butter

Natural white wine


King Crab

More natural white wine


Grilled wild Argentine prawns and moules frites

Even more natural white wine


Lemon cake

Coffee & Armagnac

Price 790Dkr + (10,- ticket fee)

Get your tickets here: https://madbillet.dk/show/even...