Children at eye level and at the table

One of Cofoco's most important values has always been that Cofoco is for everyone. Regardless of age, gender or size. Most of our restaurants offer traditional highchairs for the smallest, but at Høst, Vækst and Llama we have got an addition that makes it easier for the slightly larger children to join the restaurant: I Øjenhøjde Stolen – The at eye level chair.

 Recently we had a lovely family visit at Høst, which showed the value and usefulness of the chair. The at eye level chair ensures that children do not feel overlooked but gets the opportunity to be equals and on the table with the adults, as the chairs can be adjusted in height so they can speak at eye level regardless of age.

In this way, the chair sets out to include children and young people in common conversation with adults. Combined with a beautiful and simple design the chair falls naturally at the table, and therefore allows larger children to feel comfortable sitting on the chair. If you want to try the At Eye level chair, you can find a copy of Høst, Vækst and Llama.

Cofoco restaurants’ evening open hours are from 05:30 pm or 06:00 pm, but no matter when you come, we’ll always greet and welcome you with a smile, no matter big or small.