New menu at Vækst

At Vækst we always serve a good mix of the season's best herbs and vegetables and the best proteins - the new menu is no exception. The dishes are all Nordic inspired with a sea of beautiful spring and summer colors as we know them from the country's beautiful summer gardens - some even taste like they’ve been transported directly from there.

Fresh, natural and honest is what we would call the new menu. As always, you’ll have more options to put together your menu at Vækst. We offer both Vækst Menu and Green Vækst Menu (vegetarian) as well as the a la carte option.

If you choose a menu, you’ll have the opportunity to change your main course. You can choose between:

  • Fried pork bag with mustard cream, pickled onion salad and tomato
  • BBQ Grilled beef tenderloin with tarragon cream, grilled white asparagus and browned butter
  • Fried scallop with salad onion cream, grilled spring onion and mussel sauce
  • Grilled asparagus broccoli with grated summer truffle, pickled white beech mushroom and dried havgus cheese (vegetarian)

At Vækst we have the habit of pampering our guests a little extra with a couple of surprises along the way, and we’ll let stay as amazing surprises till you are at the restaurant.

Some liquids to cleans the palate we offer both a well-adapted wine menu and a homemade juice menu, but if you want something more specific, you can also choose freely from our drinking card.

See the various menus as well as a la carte below and book a table here.

Vækst menu