New spring menu at Jah Izakaya & Sake Bar

Even though you can't feel it temperature wise, it is spring and everything is sprouting around us. And also, at Jah Izakaya who has jumped out with a new seasonal menu that celebrates seasonal produce. There are developments both in the seas around us and in the Danish soil. You can now get lovely Danish virgin lobsters, fresh fjord shrimp, halibut, hake and fresh spring mackerel, lots of good vegetables and more.

In the new season menu there are halibut with shiso in tempura, fried fjord prawns with shrimp chips, peas and shoots and grilled spring mackerel (Yakizakana) with daikon which is one of the Japanese cuisine's favorite fish. The white asparagus is now being pulled out of the ground, laid on the grill and served in a dashi (Yakibitashi), as well as a selection of fresh vegetables from Birkemosegaard served with miso dip and chilimayo (Yasai moriawase). Also, for the green fingers and taste buds are vegan bibimbap, vegetables with sesame dressing (On Yasai), seasonal seaweed salad (Kaisou Salad) and our popular vegan gyoza with mushrooms.

As something new on the spring program, the steamed chicken mushi dori has arrived and lobster with asparagus. Jah Izakaya also, as always, has the classic izakaya card with the fried chicken karaage, deep-fried organic steak of male inner thighs, gyoza with pig filling, sashimi and all the other classics.

The a la carte card is versatile and can be combined as you like, but Jah also offers both everyday menus, the chef's selection (omakase), pescatarian and vegan menus for those who prefer to let the kitchen choose the courses.

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