Coco Hotel receives Green Key eco-label

As well as at our restaurants, we also have sustainability on our agenda and green initiatives at Coco Hotel. And as part of our sustainable strategy, Coco Hotel has been awarded the international eco-label, better known as Green Key.

Green Key is an international eco-label awarded to leisure organizations such as hotels, hostels, and conference facilities and is given to companies who make extra efforts to protect the environment. With this label, Coco Hotel can proudly say, that we are among the most sustainable hotels in Copenhagen.

The certification is given to Coco based on our reach for high standards and fulfillment of a list of sustainable criteria set by Green Key, as well as working on a number of initiatives, such as our solar cell park in Nees, our work on planting trees in Tanzania and other parts of the world, our focus on ecology and the sustainable solutions we have implemented in the renovation of the hotel in 2019.

Receiving this eco-label also means that we are committed to running sustainable hotel operations in the future, for example introducing waste sorting in the rooms in February 2020.

Follow our sustainability page, where we are constantly updating our initiatives, and of course, visit the hotel so you can experience it all on your own!