Cofoco Food raises the bar for convenience food

How do we raise the bar for the convenience food that the Danes buy, bring home and have for dinner? That was the question that we asked ourselves, when Cofoco Food in cooperation with Coop started the journey towards creating a new serie of evening meals. It was not an easy job, but after numerous tests, tastings and trials we ended up with a product that not only raises the bar, but also sets a whole new standard of how convenience food should taste, look and be experienced. 

That is why, we with pride now presents our new Italian series where everything from the packaging to the look and taste of the food is of the highest quality.

One of the most beloved kitchens, if you ask the Danes, will undoubtedly be the Italian kitchen, which is why our line consists of classic Italian foods. The series consists of 4 different dishes: mushroom risotto made from Arborio ris with Grand Padano, creamy mascarpone and panfried mushrooms, spaghetti with Sicilian meatballs made from grounded beef and fresh sage served in a reduced tomato sauce made from sunripe tomatoes, beef Bolognese lasagna with plenty of meat and vegetables, creamy bechamel and soft lasagna sheets, and last but not least our fresh rolled cannelloni with ricotta cheese and plenty of fresh spinach in a tasteful tomato sauce. 

The 4 Italian evening meals can be bought in IRMA and selected SuperBrugsen and Kvickly stores all over Denmark.