Cofoco Food launches 8 new evening meals

In October we introduced you to Cofoco Foods four new italian evening meals. They have been a great succes - and that is why we can now proudly present eight new dishes to the assortment, which now consists of classics from both Italy, France, Thailand and Japan. 

The five new dishes and three new soups will be launched in week 12. These new ready meals and soups are Cofoco Foods new step in the journey towards raising the bar and setting a new standard for how ready meals can taste, look and be experienced. 

"We are especially proud of our three new soups, since these are a whole new experience of convenience foods. These soups are not just soups - because in one side of the tray there will be garnish and stuffing that can be heated with the soup, and therefore adds extra and better texture and flavour".  

Anders Sørensen - Head of development at Cofoco Food

Everything from the look of the packaging to the appearance and flavour of the food is of the highest quality and helps to serve justice to the meal. 

From week 12 the entire range of the 12 evening meals, which also includes the four italian dishes will be sold in Irma and selected SuperBrugsen and Kvickly stores all over the country. 

The four italian dishes will also launch on and the remaining eight new dishes will follow later. It is also possible to find the entire range of evening meals in Magasins department Mad & Vin. 

You can see the new evening meals below here. 



Oven cooked eggplant, zucchini and red peppers in reduced tomato sauce and thyme. 

Onion Soup

Classic french onion soup with garlic. Served with soft onions, thyme and cheese gratinated bread croutons. 


Duck confit, bacon and seasoned sausages. Served in a reduced tomato sauce with white beans.

Coq au Vin

Red wine marinated chicken thigh with pearl onions, bacon and carrots. Served with potato purée. 


Gaeng phed gai

Red curry with chicken, coconut milk, bamboo shoots and kaffir lime. Served with aromatic jasmin rice. 

Gaeng panang gai

Panang curry with chicken thigh, coconut milk, eggplant, zucchini and kaffir lime. Served with aromatic jasminrice. 

Tom kha gai

Tom kha soup with chicken, ginger and coconut milk. Served with mushrooms, pak chop, kaffir lime and jasmin rice. 



Japanese chickenstock soup with soy and ginger. Served with nori seaweed, wheat noodles, eggs, pak chop, bean sprouts and mushrooms.