Summer sun shines on our solar park with amazing results

In the spring of 2018 Cofocos solar park in Nees in the Northwestern part of Jutland startet producing energy. Since then, we have happily been able to watch the parks production of sustainable energy, for the delight of our restaurants, guests and last but not least the climate.

The expected annual production for the park was an estimated 5.000 MWh, which is equivalent to the annual energy usage of 3.100 average families. The danish summer has been so sunny though, that we can announce, that we have already generated more than 4.800 MWh since the first active hour of the park! And that is while we still have several months left before we can celebrate the parks 1st birthday. 4.800 MWh is actually equivalent to more energy than what 45.000 fridges use in one year!

The solar park has, with other words, already contributed with more green energy than what Cofocos restaurants and convenienve food-production uses in an entire year. Thus we can rejoice that the green energy that our solar park produces also cover the energy usage of other companies and households.

The solar panels are not the only thing that has benefitted from the danish summer. The solar park is inhabited of organic ducks and geese, and since we don't use any pesticides or chemicals, the birds live a good life while maintaining the parks vegetation. When "Mortens Night" took place in november it was exactly these organic ducks that were served on both the italian and Les Trois Cochons. Thereby representing an organic and sustainable attitude to the service industry.

You can read even more about Cofocos solar panel park right here, and you can always keep up with the total production of green energy on the numerator on the frontpage of Cofocos website.