Dashi – the heart of Japanese cusine

At Jah Izakaya and Sake Bar we make an effort to introduce and produce authentic and classic Izakaya dishes. We are proud to be an authentic Japanese addition to Copenhagen's restaurant scene, and we are proud of our selection and use of ingredients and Japanese cooking techniques. That's why we see a good reason to tell our guests about the magical moments the kitchen manages to create on the plates that are put in front of our guests.

Glowing rice paper lamps that cast a calm and warm glow on the anticipating guests, who know that they are in the front row seats to a culinary experience from a genuine Japanese izakaya.

The restaurant is buzzing with life while the kitchen radiates energy and the sounds from cooking with Japanese techniques forms a composition of melodies that gently flow out and embraces as well as clarifies a casual Japanese gastropub - an izakaya.

The secret to the Jah atmosphere is our guests, while the magic in the kitchen is made from an ingredient we are excited about. A piece of the Japanese culinary history - dashi.

Dashi, the Japanese cooking broth, originates more than 800 years ago and is the heart of Japanese cuisine to this day. This clear, and unassuming broth is infused with a distinct umami (savory) flavor, adding richness and depth to any dish. Japanese style dashi can be made with just water and one or two basic ingredients such as kombu and dried bonito fish, a cousin of tuna.

At Jah Izakaya, head chef Shinya Ito uses the dashi in many dishes, amongst them Aggedashi Tofu, a light deepfried silky tofu, served in the dashi with ginger and daikon root. A classic representation of Japanese soul food. Dashi can also be served by itself as a broth or a soup. It's pure umami magic.

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