The first Food & Film events of 2019

A new year has begun, and that also means new Food & Film events!

Food & Film is the perfect excuse to enjoy a night of enterainment. A ticket includes dinner at Scarpetta in Rantzausgade or Spuntino in Vesterbrogade, a short walk to Dagmar Theatre, and a ticket to enjoy the movie of the evening.

Every month we present a new movie, and the menus variate as well. A ticket is always 295 Dkk. Here, we present you the first 3 Food & Film events of the year.

9th of January - "The Mule" (SOLD OUT)
The Mule is a Clint Eastwood movie. In the cast, you will find actors as Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood himself. Before the movie, you can enjoy the dinner at either Scarpetta at Rantzausgade or Spuntino at Vesterbrogade. The menu at Scarpetta is a 3-course dinner with dishes as Orecchiette Pasta and grilled veal. At Spuntino the menu consists of different antipastis, such as crostini with beef tartar and burrata, and cacio Pepe as the main course. You can read the full menus and buy tickets right here.

4th of February - "Green Book"
The drama "Green Book" tells the story of an italian-american doorman, Tony Lip, who becomes the driver for an afro-american classic pianist, Don Shirley, on a tour in the southern american states. The dinner is at Scarpetta on Rantzausgade where the menu consists of Orecchiette Pasta with salsiccia, grilled veal and blodorange sorbet with olive oil and lemon verbena. Buy tickets right here.

4th of March - "Promise at Dawn"
The movie "Promise at Dawn" is based on Romain Garys novel from 1960, which is inspired by his own upbringing. The specific menu is coming up - so you will have to be patient, or take the chance and buy your ticket now! Read more right here.

All Food & Film events are in two seats. You can choose between having dinner served at 17:15, and the movie start at 19:15, or having dinner served at 19:15 with the movie starting at 21:30.