De hvide asparges er i sæson

A favorite harbinger of summer is finally in season: the white asparagus. We find that asparagus is one of the most delicate vegetables and particularly love the white asparagus for its subtle sweetness and delicate bitterness, so it is always a great pleasure when we can once again put them on the menu.

White asparagus is very popular in Europe, especially in Germany and France, and is also grown in Denmark. The difference between white and green asparagus lies in the cultivation method. White asparagus is grown underground, so it is not exposed to sunlight and is dug up when it is ready for harvest. This makes white asparagus more delicate and less robust than its green sibling, which matures above ground and gets its green color from sunlight. Growing white asparagus requires special attention, and the farmer continuously covers the plants with soil to keep sunlight away.

White asparagus is in season in Denmark from around May 1st to Midsummer. When the high season is over, you can still buy white asparagus in supermarkets, but the price will be quite a bit higher.

White asparagus is a healthy and delicious vegetable that is rich in both vitamins and minerals. Traditionally, white asparagus is served with hollandaise sauce, but it can be prepared in many different ways in both cold and hot dishes, as a side dish for meat and fish or as a dish in itself.

You can find white asparagus at several of our restaurants right now. At Les Trois Cochons, they are served in classic style with Hollandaise sauce, while at Restaurant Cofoco, they are accompanied by shrimps with Mousseline sauce. Try an Italian interpretation at Scarpetta, where white asparagus is served with ricotta, capers, and chili, or at Vespa as a side dish to a juicy chicken as main course.

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