Delphine - Our new restaurant in Vesterbro

It is finally time to welcome you to our brand new restaurant, Delphine, and take you on a culinary journey to the Greek archipelago and southern Italy. In Delphine, we embrace the laid back Mediterranean spirit and culture bringing it into every detail in our bright rooms and onto the carefully thought out plates.


The large menu offers a wide variety of fresh, grilled, fried and baked dishes. In our fish display you can choose your preferred catch of the day. On the large Parilla Grill we grill skewers with meat and vegetables. You will also find classic Greek dishes such as taramasalata, tzatziki and greek salads as well as crudos and salt baked whole fish. From the big bar we will be serving cocktails by the pitcher, ouzo, natural wines and cold beers.


Delphine is large, bright and festive. The bar is 12 meters long with enough space for both dining and drinking. Round tables and sofa sections are spread out across the large room which also offers a private dining section for up to 20 people. If the weather allows it, we offer tables outside for drinking and dining in the sun. The restaurant can accommodate up to 175 guests.

Restaurant Delphine is open Monday to Saturday from 5pm to 11pm (as long as restrictions are in effect). In due time the restaurant will also open for breakfast and lunch.