It's sprouting in Mexico

Since the start of 2019, Cofoco has planted trees for the benefit of the climate. We started in Tanzania through a collaboration with the Green Earth Appeal, where we have so far planted almost 120,000 trees. In late 2019, we expanded our tree planting initiative with another collaboration, this time in Veracruz, Mexico. We have joined forces with Ricco's Coffee, and both jumping into the ring to fight against the world's negative climate challenges. The goal for us is to plant up to 300,000 fruit trees in Mexico, and now there is good news from our faithful man in the field, Marcos Aguilar.

The first 30,000 seeds we have planted have begun to germinate, and small trees are emerging in the large nursery. By September, theses sprouts will be planted on the 75-acre of land run by Marcos, who is also the man behind our sustainable coffee farm located in the same area.

The tree population consists of 12,000 lime trees, 4,000 allspice trees, 5,000 guanabana trees, and 9,000 avocado trees. In two years, the trees will start to produce crops to be picked and sold by local farmers, thereby creating more jobs in the region. At the same time, the trees will be large enough to absorb 840,000 kg of CO2 a year, which is equivalent to absorbing harmful greenhouse gases from 285,714 tonnes of landfill. It also corresponds to the same CO2 emission as the charging of 107,127,066,600 smartphones (find the CO2 calculation in the menu to the left).

Planting the first 30,000 trees has become a reality based on donations from Cofoco and our guests and with the help of the many who ordered New Year and Christmas menus in December 2019. For each menu sold, Cofoco and Cofoco Food donated a tree on on behalf of the eaters. Ricco's Coffee has also made a significant donation and the plan is a 50/50 collaboration in 2020 with a focus on reaching the target of the 300,000 trees in 2021.

Help us reach our goals

At our restaurants you can support our tree planting initiatives by either ordering our regular menus or purchasing trees a la carte. And every time you order catering menus from Cofoco Food, we donate one tree per menu on your behalf.

See the new nursery

Are you curious about what a tree nursery looks like, see below.