Happy guests celebrated New Year's Eve at Cofocos restaurants

The wine has been drunk, the food has been eaten and the last night of 2018 has past. And what a night it was! We had the pleasure of welcoming so many happy guests, who had decided to celebrate their New Year's Eve at one of Cofocos restaurants.

From one end to the other, a festive night was planned with beautiful dresses, freshly ironed shirts, festive hats and plenty of bubbles to quench the thirst. The menu was different on each restaurant, but there is no doubt that fresh oysters, shellfish, tender steaks and ingredients as truffle, caviar, high quality chocolate and good cheeses were popular on several of the menus.

We are so happy and thankful for the many excited and sweet guests, who decided to celebrate New Year's Eve in our company. Now, we are over the hard part - the cleaning, and the empty champagne bottles have been thrown in the trash. The tables are set, the windows are polished and we are ready to welcome both new and familiar guests already from tonight.

We can't wait to fill up the restaurants with even more happy guests this year - and we are hoping to see a lot of you during the year. Who knows - maybe, we will see you for another New Year's Eve a year from now.

We wish you a very happy new year, from all of us at Cofoco!

Pssst.. We are celebrating the new year with a whole lot of new dishes on the different restaurants. Book a table for your next visit right here.