Low-alcohol cocktails at Llama

Restaurant Llama in Lille Kongensgade is latinamerica in Copenhagen. On the menu you find everything from tacos, to ceviche and ribeye steak from Uruguay. On the winelist there are both bubbles, white, red and orange from all corners of the world. And then you have the cocktail list, where you will find southamerican classics like the peruvian Pisco Sour and a number of our own original drinks, for example Los Santos Oleos with mezcal, coriander and lime. We have cocktails for every taste, though they all share the ability of a really nice cocktail - it hides the strong taste of alcohol. This also means, that you can't necessarily enjoy more than a few, without having a headache sneaking up on you the next day. 

But now, Llama is introducing a new type of cocktails, that let's you enjoy one or more of our refreshing cocktails without having to limit yourself. Llama offers 3 different low-alcohol cocktails, so there is something for everyone. One is a tiki-inspired drink with rum, vermouth and pineapple, one is a super green drink with vodka, coriander, ginger and yuzu, and the last one is sweet and smokey with mezcal, elderflower, rosmary and lime. 

The new low-alcohol cocktails can be enjoyed from wednesday the 26th of september. You can either enjoy a drink with your dinner, or you can come by and enjoy a cocktail or two in the bar. You can see Llamas menu here.