New menu at Scarpetta

Stracciatella with lumpfish roe and risotto with mussels and parsley. That is only two of the new dishes at Scarpetta, and if we can say so ourselves, they are setting the bar for wonderful italian treats pretty high!

At Scarpetta Rantzausgade and Scarpetta Islands Brygge the joy of the italian kitchen and the love of good food from good produce are of most importance. That is why there are also new dishes as beef tartare with mushrooms and porcini mayonnaise and grilled brill with mixed beans and cime di rapa on the menu. It's all about the commodities! 

We would of course never write about a new menu without mentioning the desserts as well. This time is no exception, and we are so excited to tip you about the new dishes for the sweet tooth as well. You can now choose between a vanilla pan cotta with crumble and pear/verbena sorbet or a ricotta crostada with pine nuts and blood orange sorbet. 

Get inspiration from the new dishes below here, and book your table for Scarpetta Rantzausgade here, or Scarpetta Islands Brygge here.