Quintonil pop up at Llama's 5 year birthday

Llama celebrates 5th birthday with exclusive Quintonil pop up.

Thursday, April 11th Restaurant Llama turns 5 years - an event, that should be celebrated in style!

From the heart of vibrant Mexico City, we have invited one of Central America's very best restaurants to create a feast together with the talented team at Llama.

Mexican restaurant Quintonil, ranked 11th in "The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2018" (by comparison, Danish restaurant Geranium is ranked 19th) has the young head chef Jorge Vallejo at the helm. Together with Llama's head chef Anders Dyvik the two chefs have composed a menu of unique dishes from Quintonil, along with brand new combinations of the two restaurants' approach to South American cuisine. The menu will consist of the following dishes: 

The dinner is a unique opportunity to experience one of the world's leading restaurants when the team behind Quintonil cooks in Denmark for the first time, to celebrate Llamas 5 year birthday.


· Caviar with pumpkin and honey ·

· Potatoes with beans and grasshopper adobo ·

· Warm scallop "ceviche", yuzu and mango ·

· Langoustine tartare sando ·

· Roasted eggplant with black garlic mojo, macadamia nuts, basil and "hoja santa" sauce ·

· Fish a la Veracruzana ·

· Nixtamalized beet and sweet onion reduction ·

· Pork in "chile pasado", potatoes and roasted season fruits infused in "chiles" ·

· Mezcal and grasshopper sorbet / Gooseberry sorbet ·

· Jerusalem artichoke, apple and smoked buttermilk ice cream · 

“I love Copenhagen, know it well, used to live there when I worked at Noma and are very much looking forward to coming back. Especially since I this time around will cook my own cuisine as in Mexico in celebration of Llama’s 5th birthday. Hope to see you there!” - Jorge Vallejo

No birthday is complete without a party. Therefore, we will open the dance floor after dinner, and with the help of DJ Christian d’Or, we will celebrate Llamas 5 year birthday with dancing and cocktails until we close the restaurant at 02.00.

If you want to join us on this special evening, you can book a table for dinner at 18:00, 18:30 and 19:00. 

Price for dinner incl. wine menu: 1000kr + 15kr in the ticket fee.

Buy your ticket here.