Sustainable news: AYOOLA at Cofocos restaurants

Cofoco is introducing a new and exciting addition to the drinkmenus at our different restaurants - AYOOLA!

We always offer a wide variety of different drinks at our restaurants. This includes everything from wines, to beers and soft drinks. We aim to offer something for every taste, and we work to constantly introduce new drinks especially selected based on our own quality standard and the demand of our guests. 

Now, we introduce you to another one of these additions to help us reach our goal to offer something for everyone. We have chosen to serve AYOOLA at our restaurants. 

AYOOLA is a refreshing coffee-energydrink. It is 100% organic and vegan, and every step of the production process is though through. This goes for everything from the 14 hour cold brew process that gently removes the acid while still preserving the natural caffein in the coffee, to the addition of natural sweetness and fruity flavors and the sustainable packaging. 

AYOOLA is a drink full of opportunities, and it can be enjoyed for many different occasions. An ice cold AYOOLA can replace the classic cup of morning coffee at Les Trois Cochons, it can be a boost of energy for the business lunch at Vækst, a soft drink for the dinner at Scarpetta, or for the festive late hours at Llama - with or without alcohol. 

You can try AYOOLA at Cofocos restaurants, and if you are already a fan of the natural coffee-kick, you can also buy AYOOLA from their own webshop right here.