Season for asparagus

There are many good things in May. It is high season for spring and sunshine, and it is often in May that we enjoy this year's first barbecue evenings, bathing trips and cold beer in the green nature. But May is also equal to new exciting produce from the season - and right now there is no doubt that it is asparagus we like!

The joy of asparagus can be clearly seen on the menu at Cofoco’s restaurants. We enjoy both the green and the white asparagus and the preparation varies depending on the chef who has put together the dishes.

If you like the white asparagus, you will have to swing by Les Trois Cochons. Here they are served in a completely classic way with sauce hollandaise. Either as part of our 10-course family-style menu or as an a la carte dish in the company of roast brill and lobster roe.

There are also white asparagus at Autumn. Here they are served as a part of the main course along with crispy hake and hand-peeled shrimp. If you are absolutely crazy about asparagus, then get moving - there is also the green kind as a starter along with salted halibut and horseradish.

At Scarpetta Islands Brygge and Scarpetta Rantzausgade the beautiful white asparagus are also on the menu. They are served in authentic Italian style with bagna cauda - a classic Italian anchovy dip from Piedmont.

The last tip for the white asparagus is a very special one. Of course, Jah Izakaya & Sake Bar has also got its hands on the fresh white asparagus and serves them grilled and in dashi with poached eggs.

Just because the season for the white asparagus has taken Denmark by storm, it does not mean that we forget the green sort. Green asparagus can be obtained all year round, but there is no doubt that they are tastier these months.

At Vækst the green asparagus carries their very own dish on the vegetarian menu. They are served grilled and with King oyster mushrooms and havgust cheese. If you want your asparagus with meat, you have to visit Restaurant Cofoco. They are served with lamb cabbage, cream on hemp seed, puffed wheat and sauce on parsley and fermented garlic.

Are you already crazy about both green and white asparagus - then you should taste broccoli asparagus! The whimsical cross between broccoli and pak choy is full of flavor and is served in several dishes at Spuntino.

Happy asparagus season!