Scarpetta Islands Brygge for every occasion

Whatever the occasion, we are ready to welcome you to our cozy Italian Scarpetta at Islands Brygge.

Scarpetta is located close by the water at Islands Brygge and is the meeting between the modern and the classic - an Italian restaurant with a twist.

In the kitchen we mix Scandinavian and Italian ingredients. And the modern twist is seen in the simple décor, where the contrast between the light walls and dark tables is highlighted under the warm rays cast by the soft lights.

Here we set the stage for coziness and good company. Here you can enjoy your company in beautiful surroundings and expect quality food at reasonable prices.

So if you are looking for a nice place to hold your next company or event, you can always write to [email protected] or call +45 70 20 71 72 for a non-binding talk with us about your options.

Islands Brygge 81F

2300 Copenhagen S

At Scarpetta, we start with authentic ingredients that you will find on your way around Italy, and we adjust the dishes on the menu according to the season. If you are curious about the current menu at the restaurant, you can read more by clicking on the link on the left.