Sharing is caring – specially at Scarpetta!

The best experiences are best when shared with loved ones. If it's time to gather your loved ones both Scarpetta Rantzausgade and Islands Brygge will make sure to connect you through a wonderful meal. We have created a Family Style menu - a concept where you can share both food and dining experience with those you love.

We now offer a menu of a diverse variety of shared dishes that can be enjoyed by everyone. All dishes are made to be an informal but authentic experience that reminds you of Italy's warm atmosphere and charming colors.

The menu changes with the season and is of course also available in vegetarian and pescetarian versions. There will be new dishes regularly on the menu. Right now, you can enjoy green dishes such as green asparagus with ricotta, pepperoncini and bottarga, white pizza with squash, goat cheese and rucola, and risotto with peas, parsley and mint.

If you love a good slice of meat, we can also handle that with dishes such as grilled tenderloin with summer leeks and gremolata or grilled cockerel with mixed beans, pickled artichoke and rucola. And finally, don't miss our popular Torta al limone, which is a heavenly lemon tart decorated with high burned meringue that creates a wonderful combination of both sweet and sour.

Scarpetta serves Italian food with a Danish twist. You get authentic Danish and Italian ingredients served the same way as they would in Italy. Not too fancy and not too styled, but charming, tasty and with a lot of understanding of flavor combinations so every ingredient comes into its own.

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